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Currently Unpublished

The first book in the trilogy is complete. I'm in the process of submitting to agents and publishers.

Mock Cover for Livinity Book One
Book One: Livinity


Chloe's branding as a Darkling was a mistake—one that means death, but her masters have offered her a chance to live if she identifies the conspirators targeting a king for assassination. Infiltrating as a lady-in-waiting, she has little time before an assassination attempt will be made. Should she fail, her masters will expose her mark and destroy the lives of those she holds dear.

Captain Calkham regrets his allegiance to an evil tyrant. After one last mission, he’ll be finished with piracy. But when Calklham falls in love with Nerrah, a fairie spy, he must find a way to convince her to flee with him before her dark mission leads her down an inescapable path.

Elosin and three other innocent prisoners escape from armed soldiers and hide in the woods, but the forest holds its own terrors. An unknown creature stalks them in the night, and Elosin fears they are doomed until a mysterious fairie offers sanctuary. But can he be trusted?

Livinity is a sweeping, epic tale where the conflicts between fairies and humans could unleash a darkness that threatens the entire world.

Mock Cover for Livinity Book Two
Book Two: Legends of Livinity

I'm currently writing book two.

An immortal fairie long thought dead may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the conspiracy threatening to topple the kingdoms of the world.

Mock Cover for Livinity Book Three
Book Three: Lady of Livinity


Rough draft in progress...

A new evil has arisen in Livinity. And no one is safe.

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