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Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy


At we value your privacy. My name is Bria Burton and I'm an independent author and new mom. I write under the pen name Shayla Cole. The purpose of this website is to provide information about Author Shayla Cole (me), my books, and my writing.

Your Personal Data: I do not collect, store, or sell your personal data when you visit Wix is the data processor for You can read the Wix Privacy Policy to view how Wix collects, stores, and/or uses your data:

Redirect Links: There are links you can click which will redirect you to other websites. When you choose to click a link that redirects you to another website, be sure to refer to that website's privacy policy if you are interested in learning how that website collects, stores, and/or uses your data.

E-Newsletter Subscription: At the moment, there is no e-newsletter for Author Shayla Cole, but there is one for Author Bria Burton (my real name is Bria Burton and my pen name is Shayla Cole). If you would like to sign-up for my e-newsletter, you can click the link at and you will be redirected to a Mailchimp form which is GDPR compliant. The purpose of collecting your name and email address for the e-newsletter is as follows: Author Bria Burton will use the information you provide on the Mailchimp Subscription form to be in touch with you and to provide updates about her writing, publications, author appearances, and giveaways. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from her, or by contacting her at She will treat your information with respect. She will not share any of the information you provide through the Mailchimp Subscription form with any third party.

Regarding PayPal Here: For anyone I meet in person who purchases a book from me via the PayPal Here app, which involves swiping a credit card in order to purchase a book, there is data that I collect from you in order to process your credit card payment which includes your name, your address, and your email address. This collection is only for the purpose of identifying you as the card holder, and for the convenience of using a credit card as a payment method. I will not share, sell, or give away your data to any third party. I will only contact you through the information you provide if there is a problem with your payment, or if you request that I contact you for any reason. A receipt is optional and you may choose to receive a receipt via email or text. If you choose to receive a receipt via text, I will then collect your phone number in order to have the receipt sent to you. I will not share, sell, or give away your phone number should you choose to provide it. Please refer to Paypal's privacy policy if you are interested in learning how that website collects, stores, and/or uses your data. The PayPal Here Agreement can be found here:



When you are browsing at, which includes clicking "Accept" or "Learn more" when the Cookie Alert pops up, and which also includes viewing the home page and/or any other pages or subpages of, you are agreeing to the use of cookies on this website.

This site uses cookies from Wix in order to deliver its services. In the Wix Privacy Policy, there is detailed information about how Wix collects, stores, and/or uses your data. They also provide details about why they use cookies and how cookies are used in collecting, storing, and/or using your data (see section 9). Here is where you can view that policy:

Here is a website that explains how to manage cookies, including how to delete them:

If you prefer to turn off cookies in your browser, you are free do so, but that might mean you will have difficulties navigating You can choose to turn cookies on in your browser if you wish to view at full functionality. You can also choose to exit the website if you do not agree with the cookie policy.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy last updated 5/13/19.

Contact Shayla Cole via email at with any questions or concerns.

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